How classes are formed at Siwanoy School:


It is a process that takes much thought and time, since many factors are considered. We use a variety of criteria when creating classes. The most important is that we create heterogeneous groups. Through observations, assessments, and conversations, our professional staff works to create well-balanced groups of children. In order to create these heterogeneous groups, we look at the following criteria:

Learning styles
Social and emotional issues
Academic profile
Parent input
Special needs
Special circumstances

Placement is not a perfect science. We strive to create balanced classes in which children will have academic peers, friends, and working buddies, as well as the opportunity to develop a relationship with his or her teacher as well as new classmates. Your child may or may not have the same teacher as his or her brother or sister.

Support our staff; they are professionals who put much thought, time, and effort into creating classes for the coming year. While we welcome your input regarding your child, please do not make specific teacher requests for class placements. The faculty and I work closely together to make thoughtful, well-considered placements for each and every child in the context of whole class considerations. Many factors go into these decisions, including our strong belief in the value of balanced classes for all children, as well as thinking about good matches of children with each other. We are very fortunate to have such a strong teaching staff at Siwanoy School, and we look forward to your child having a successful, happy year wherever he or she is placed. We always strive to make decisions in the best interest of all students. Together, as partners, we will make the best learning opportunities for your child.

Your child’s class assignment will be sent home mid-summer. Thank you for the support you give to our staff and to me.