Lunchroom Expectations and Procedures

Respectful in the lunchroom

  • Wait your turn in the lunch line
  • Use an inside voice
  • Respond to the lunch supervisor’s directions
  • Respect others’ personal space
  • Clean up after eating; check the floor and table

Responsible in the lunchroom

  • Know your ID number or Nutrikids pin number or bring your card with you
  • Focus on eating first
  • Use appropriate table manners, i.e. remain seated, eat over the table, talk to those next to you and across from you
  • When finished, pick up all trash, raise hand and wait for teacher’s permission to get up and throw trash away
  • Put trash into the wastebasket carefully
  • Recycle empty water bottles with caps off
  • Wait to be dismissed by a lunch supervisor
  • Set a positive example for others around you

Safe in the lunchroom

  • Hands, feet & objects to self
  • Raise hand for permission to leave the lunchroom
  • Walk
  • Remain seated whenever possible