Playground Expectations

Respectful at recess

  • Respect school property
  • Share equipment
  • Take turns
  • Play fair and be a good sport
  • Include others

Responsible at recess

  • On outdoor recess days, do not exit the building until your teacher makes sure there is a lunch supervisor present; on inclement days, report to your assigned indoor recess location
  • Place your lunchbox neatly and carefully in the designated area
  • No eating on the playground unless you have permission
  • Put equipment away when finished
  • Line up when the whistle blows
  • Walk to the line
  • Listen for instructions
  • Be responsible for jackets and other belongings

Safe at recess

  • Follow playground procedures
  • Remain on school grounds
  • Follow game rules
  • Inform adult of unsafe behavior or incidents
  • Wear safe footwear for outdoor recess and equipment
  • No toy guns or weapons of any kind
  • Cartwheels and other gymnastics are not allowed