Playground Procedures

Playground Structures and Squishy Area

  • No equipment on the squishy areas
  • Get off equipment carefully
  • Monkey bars should be crossed using hands only
  • One person on monkey bars at a time
  • Hands and feet to yourself
  • Go up the ladder, then down the slide on your bottom, one at a time
  • No climbing on top of the monkey bars or other high places
  • No chasing games in this area

Equipment-balls, jump ropes, chalk, etc.

  • Take care of all equipment
  • Use equipment properly
  • Return equipment to cart when finished
  • Let teachers know when balls go over the fence

Upper and Lower Playground

  • When playing a game, explain the rules before you begin playing and remember to follow them.
  • Welcome newcomers to your game
  • Only adults can retrieve a ball that goes over the fence
  • Dodge Ball and games that exclude and/or hurt others are not allowed
  • Jump ropes are for jumping rope only (No jump ropes in kindergarten area)
  • Games that involve wrestling, tackling or pulling on clothing are not allowed
  • Go into the building with adult permission
  • If hurt, tell the adult on duty
  • Stay out of leaf piles
  • Leaves, acorns, snow, rocks, stones, etc. must not be thrown
  • No toy guns
  • No weapons of any kind
  • Use appropriate language at all time
  • Trees, fences, walls, and the fire escape are not for climbing
  • When the whistle blows, collect all your belongings and line up

Quiet Area

  • No equipment in the quiet area
  • The quiet area is for quiet games