At Siwanoy School, the principal, teachers, staff, parents and students work together to create a community where everyone takes pride in learning. We know the importance of striving for academic success and accepting responsibility for our words and actions. Our Code of Behavior will help all members of the school community achieve their personal best, become life-long learners and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.

On the following pages you will find expectations and procedures for being respectful, responsible, and safe at school. 

Please see the  Siwanoy Student Handbook  for a copy of the entire handbook.


Arrival Expectations and Procedures 


Bathroom Expectations 


Dismissal Expectations and Procedures 


Fire Drills and Evacuation Drill Expectations and Procedures 


Hallway Expectations 


Lunchroom Expectations and Procedures 


Playground Expectations 


Playground Procedures 


Town Meeting and Assembly Expectations and Procedures